January 29, 2019 By TrackingB.com

We are excited to announce the finalists, honorable mentions, and overall winner of this year's trackingb feature script contest!


GORBY AND RONNIE DO REYKJAVÍK by Patrick Connely - At the height of the Cold War, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and American President Ronald Reagan battle it out in Iceland to stop nuclear annihilation. (JUST SIGNED BY SIDNEY SHERMAN @ ROSA ENTERTAINMENT!)

FIASCO by Edward Klau & David Cypkin - In his first thirty seconds on the job at United Artists, Steven Bach green lights Heaven's Gate but a skyrocketing budget and an out of control production threatens to destroy the sixty year old studio and end the era of auteur filmmaking in Hollywood. (CONTACT: ALEX CREASIA @ PATHFINDER - ALEX (AT) PATHFINDERLA.COM)

BURROW by Ashley Burns & Noah Martin -- In the desolate, post-nuclear wasteland of America, a couple fights for humanity's survival as they hide out in a secret bunker. After years of isolation, they encounter a lost, sick, feral child and must decide whether to eject the child or risk clashing with the savage tribe to which he belongs. (CONTACT: NOAHMAR (AT) GMAIL. COM, AMBURNS007 (AT) GMAIL.COM)


SOFT TARGETS by Richmond Weems - An emotionally scarred army veteran, working to get his life back on track, accidentally kills a local mobster's son and has to save the man who befriended him when the mobster retaliates. (CONTACT: RICHMONDWEEMS (AT) GMAIL.COM)

THE ATLAS SIX by Aaron P. Brown - A tough, 60+ retired judge must take on all the notorious killers he put behind bars when they escape from prison and come after him. (CONTACT: AARONPBROWN (AT) HOTMAIL.COM)

FALSE FLAG by Chris Howlett - After he is betrayed and left for dead, a CIA black ops agent seeks revenge on his former partner and uncovers a conspiracy involving a Weapon of Mass Destruction that only he can stop. (CONTACT: HOWLETTCHRIS (AT) HOTMAIL.COM)

THE MAN AT ASHER by Kate Young - A rancher with a guilty conscience abandons his wife to avenge the violent attack of his dead friend's daughter. (CONTACT: KATE.YOUNG85 (AT) HOTMAIL.COM)

KILLER QUEEN by Noah Thomas Grossman - A hard-R action comedy about a psychopathic hitwoman who struggles on a job after a brain injury leaves her with newfound emotions. (CONTACT: NOAHTHOMASGROSSMAN (AT) GMAIL.COM)



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