TOY SOLDIER - by Nick Reiff.  Ehsan is an Afghan farm boy with a big secret: he’s got a wounded US soldier hidden in his garden shed. Now he must smuggle his new friend back to safety— before some very bad people come looking for them both. (contact: treiffus (at)

SENECTUS - by Jason Kaleko.  After a pair of newlyweds explores a mysterious subbasement in their new dream home, a containment team arrives and seals them inside the building that is not a house, but rather a Cold War-era facility with a horrible secret... (JUST SIGNED BY UTA & ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT!)

BROKEN - by Gregory Tung.  A woman is trapped underneath a wrecked car in the middle of the wilderness. A bag of money lies next to her. She must free herself then use the skills her father taught her as a child to survive and make the long journey up a mountain to her cabin before her criminal ex finds her and his money-- all with a broken leg... (JUST SIGNED BY ZERO GRAVITY MANAGEMENT!)


IRON EXODUS - by Dorothy Kozak Snoke.  True story of a group of 1970’s Russian 20-somethings who embark on a daring hijacking mission, staging a “mock wedding” to escape from the Iron Curtain.  The mission fails, but the action sparks a worldwide movement to protest their subsequent death sentences, that ultimately begins the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet empire.  (contact: dorkozak (at) (JUST SIGNED BY HERETIC LITERARY MANAGEMENT)

WHERE THE DEVIL ROAMS - by Nate Wilcoxen.  When a reclusive heiress's granddaughter is pulled from a lake thirty years after vanishing, a psychologically scarred detective is forced to battle a secretive town to uncover the grisly truth.  (JUST SIGNED BY APA & CIRCLE OF CONFUSION!)

WORK RELEASE - by Patrick Connelly.  A comedy about a son who is forced to hire his estranged, recently paroled father for his company’s work release program (contact: patcon23 (at) 

THE APPEAL - by Yoav Potash.  The true story of wrongfully incarcerated inmate Deborah Peagler and the two young real estate lawyers who fight for her freedom by waging a David and Goliath crusade against the largest D.A.’s office in the country.  (contact: yopo (at) or

DOGGED - by Braden R. Duemmler.  Facing a terminal diagnosis, Tommy Jones works hard to set up a new home for his wife, Sammy, and his unborn child, but when his renovations  break through a trap door, he inadvertently unleashes a horrible terror on his family. (contact: brad (at)

And the Caren Bohrman Overall Winner Award, chosen by our panel of industry judges, goes to.......

BROKEN by Gregory Tung

The APA/Adler Prize Winner (guaranteed representation from lit Manager Josh Adler/Circle of Confusion and lit agent Mike Goldberg/APA) goes to...