OASIS by Shawn Dwyer — Fifty years in the future, the head of security for the world’s most advanced maximum-security penitentiary is set up for murder and thrown into the prison, where he’s forced to survive by fighting in Thunderdome-like virtual reality combat while desperately trying to escape and reunite with his family. (contact: shawn.m.dwyer (at)

VIRGINIA by Isaac Cravit — A young single mother, struggling to support her college-bound son and complete a degree of her own in social work, stumbles into moonlighting as a high-class call girl. (contact: reel_is (at)

PARADISE LOST by Ryan Self & Bob Perkins – A medical/adventure procedural following Mt. Rainier’s Search and Rescue squad, based out of Paradise, Washington. They’re a team of rock-jock climbing bums whose adrenaline addiction has turned them into real-life action heroes. (JUST SIGNED BY BROOKLYN WEAVER/ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT!)

CHIMERA by Eric Rochford — In order to prepare the world for a future evil, a tech guru unleashes a mysterious global electromagnetic event known as the Pulse, that remixes DNA and spawns human-animal and human-technology hybrids. A former police detective must lead a team of complex misfits through the dangerous new world to unravel the mysterious looming threat to humanity. (JUST SIGNED BY WME!)

GIRLFRIENDS WANTED by Madison Vanderberg — Brit and Lacie are two twenty-something alpha-females with zero female friends aside from each other. After Brit is told the only way to a promotion is to get in touch with her feminine side and Lacie’s one-night-stand calls her undateable because she “acts like a dude,” both girls realize they need to grow up and learn how to be women. How do they do this? Get more female friends. (contact: Steve Mayes/Credence Talent – steve (at)


CHIMERA by Eric Rochford