2011 Contest Winners

Our industry judges met last night at a top secret location to discuss the 2011 original TV pilot contest finalists and choose an overall winner… Jump past the pretty pics for the results. Congrats to all! And thank you again to all entrants (the field was so strong this year, we chose six finalists). Three finalists have already been signed by great representation, and reps are circling others…

SARAGACY – Over-educated and underemployed, professional scapegrace SARA DALY agrees to rent out her womb to her successful, despotic – and barren – younger sister for a cool $50,000. But a simple business transaction is never simple when family is involved… Written by: Susan Chiu (SIGNED BY EMILY ROSE/LANGLEY PERER AT MOSAIC!)

HOMICIDAL – A poorly funded homicide department struggles to maintain some semblance of professionalism as they attempt to solve murder cases with the least possible effort. Like CSI, if CSI were funny. Written by: Arijit Sen, Brian Diamond, & Brian Lee (SIGNED BY SIDNEY SHERMAN AT ROSA ENTERTAINMENT!)

SLEEPERS – When scientists discover a radio message from extraterrestrials, it unleashes a flood of suppressed memories in Will Seeker, a man who realizes he isn’t normal at all, but a time traveler from a future where the aliens have conquered Earth. Written by: Frederick Kim contact: [email protected]

THE VICE-PRINCIPAL – A High School Vice-Principal, unhappy with all aspects of his life, has a mental breakdown and starts implementing ethically-challenged solutions to his problems which only causes things to go from bad to worse. Written by: Brandon DeRoos (SIGNED BY MIKE GOLDBERG/JOSH ADLER AT NEW WAVE ENTERTAINMENT!)

COLLEGE KID – A surly 12 year-old trailer park genius and his impoverished 27 year-old mother are given the chance for a different life when his stunning IQ gains him entry to an Ivy League university in New York City where new friends, rivals and mentors await. Written by: Luc Ryun contact: [email protected]

LITTLE, RED – In the vein of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, this one-hour drama reimagines Little Red Riding Hood as a college co-ed fighting villains from fairy tales and folklore, and struggling to learn more about her tragic past and the strange, magical world that is inexorably linked to our own. Written by: Ashleigh Powell (SIGNED BY DANIEL VANG & JAKE WEINER AT BENDERSPINK!)