2013 Contest Winners

Our contest judges gathered recently at industry hotspot Craig's to discuss the finalists and select the winner of the trackingb feature script contest...

We are pleased to announce the Caren Bohrman Overall Winner, Finalists, Honorable Mentions & APA/New Wave Prize Winner for our 2013 feature script contest, and even more excited to announce that many have already been signed by great representation as a result, with others receiving interest!

Thank you to all entrants and industry judges/members. Please note that our original TV pilot contest is now open for entries, and once again ALL entrants with two entries will receive a free one-year subscription to trackingb.com! Check out the TV contest sidebar for our success stories, including Mickey Fisher's exciting success with last year's contest finalist script EXTANT (soon to be seen on CBS!) Now, on to the results...


NO DUMMY by Paul Rose. A down on his heels actor attempts to win the World Ventriloquism Championship with the help of a reluctant dwarf. (JUST SIGNED BY DAVID BOXERBAUM AT PARADIGM!)

ENDEAVOR by Jon Schumacher. A group of astronauts who never thought they'd reach space must rescue an international mission that has crashed on the moon. (JUST SIGNED BY PETER DODD AT UTA!)

SWEET LIFE by Ivan Kander. In a small Vermont town, three down on their luck friends attempt to steal $1.5 million worth of pure maple syrup from the Canadian maple syrup cartel. (Contact: ivan (at) lucky9studios.com)


TERRESTRIAL by Peter Gaffney. Over the Mojave Desert, an alien ship the size of the Chrysler building falls out of the sky. Exhibiting no signs of life or communication, a team of brave, possibly insane, individuals must venture inside on a mission that could be mankind's greatest discovery–or gruesome death. What they will find is a power beyond their understanding, wondrous and extremely dangerous, one that will change them forever. (JUST SIGNED BY BROOKLYN WEAVER AT ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT AND UTA! AND NOW SOLD TO LIONSGATE!)

FREE AGENT by Sam Regnier. A female NBA executive pursues a valuable free agent while managing a complicated relationship with a younger colleague. (JUST SIGNED BY SCOTT CARR AT SGC MANAGEMENT! SOLD TO CBS FILMS!)

FLOTUS by EB Rhee & Helena Rhee. When the First Lady of the United States is abducted during a diplomatic trip overseas, unbeknownst to her captors and the public, she was once a highly-trained CIA operative prior to marrying the President. She must now resurrect her covert skills to save her family and uncover a conspiracy with major geopolitical implications. 

SHEPHERD by Connor Callaghan. Adventure film about Tom Shepherd (27), who must work with an intelligent but afraid Annabelle Wilds (26), to find the last living sauropod in the jungles of the Congo. (Contact: callaghanconnor (at) gmail.com)

PROCESSOR by Shira Rosenzweig. A brilliant scientist invents a method to harness and commercialize the processing power of the human brain, only to have his method used to rip his life and his family apart. (JUST SIGNED BY MIKE GOLDBERG AT APA & JOSH ADLER AT NEW WAVE ENTERTAINMENT!)


Shira Rosenzweig/PROCESSOR


ENDEAVOR by Jon Schumacher