2011 Contest Winners

Our industry judges gathered tonight in a top secret location to select the Overall Winner of the trackingb feature script contest...

We are pleased to announce the Overall Winner, Finalists, Honorable Mentions & New Wave Prize Winner for our 2011 feature script contest, and even more excited to announce that all three finalists and one honorable mention have already been signed by great representation as a result. Thank you to all entrants and industry judges. Please note that our 2011 original TV pilot contest is now open for entries, and ALL entrants with two entries will receive a free subscription to trackingb.com! Now, on to the results...


HOW MY WEDDING DRESS GOT THIS DIRTY by Emily Blake . When her old gang of thieves shows up two hours before the wedding to demand an artifact she stole from them, a con-artist bride must escape her captors, rescue her groom, and convince him she's still the one in time to make it down the aisle – all while trying to protect her dress. (JUST SIGNED BY KEN FREIMANN AT CIRCLE OF CONFUSION AND AVA JAMSHIDI AT ICM!)

THE SELLOUT by Daniel Lee. A comedy about a married, suburban father, 39 years old, who gets a visit close to his birthday from an old friend, reminding him of a pact they made as teenagers: if either of them turns 40 and has become a boring sellout, the other one must kill him. He has one week to prove his life is exciting before his friend fulfills his end of the bargain. (JUST SIGNED BY DAVID BOXERBAUM AT PARADIGM AND ADLER & GOLDBERG AT NEW WAVE ENTERTAINMENT!)

A COUNTRY OF STRANGERS by Sean Armstrong. Based on true events... follows Inspector Geoff Harper during his forty year search for the Beaumont Children, three siblings taken from an Australian Beach in January of 1966. (JUST SIGNED BY SUSAN SOLOMON & PETER DEALBERT AT PRINCIPATO-YOUNG ENTERTAINMENT! UPDATE — SCRIPT OPTIONED TO FALIRO HOUSE PRODUCTIONS (BEFORE MIDNIGHT, TAKE SHELTER))!


RED SKY INSTITUTION by Breanne Mattson - After years of wrongful imprisonment and torture, a man unleashes a plan for revenge that will bring the entire world to its knees. Contact: breanne(at)kwvtsalem.com

NINE TWELVE by Ed Ruggiero - A man embarks on a relationship with a 9/11 widow after claiming to have lost his brother in the attacks. Contact: edruggi(at)comcast.net

MORT ON MY SIDE by Barbara Rubenow - An eccentric father and his adopted daughter drive from Ohio to New York in search of her biological mother, all while attempting to evade her abusive boyfriend, who eventually catches up to them. Contact: brubenow(at)yahoo.com

SURVIVORS by Jordan Engle & Oren Goldman - A gang of tormented young Jewish black-marketers in post-war 1945 Europe has to decide the reason why THEY survived; to dishonorably build material wealth or to join the battle for the future of their decimated people. Contact: jordanrengle(at)gmail.com

PAY-OFF by Chris Ryden - A hostage stand-off that goes from bad to worse when the gang discover the bank they're trapped in is wired with a bomb... (JUST SIGNED BY JOSH GOLDENBERG AT KAPLAN/PERRONE ENTERTAINMENT)!**


Daniel Lee