2010 Contest Winners

Our industry judges gathered tonight in a top secret location to select the Overall Winner of the trackingb feature script contest...

We are pleased to announce the Overall Winner, Finalists, Honorable Mentions & ROAR Prize Winner for our 2010 feature script contest, and even more excited to announce that two of the three finalists have already been signed by great representation as a result. Thank you to all entrants (just under 1000 this year!) and industry judges. Please note that our 2011 original TV pilot contest will launch Feb.1st, so check back soon for the announcement of our industry panel and other details.


"EVIDENCE" - by John Swetnam. Horror crime-thriller. When the police arrive at an abandoned desert gas station after a brutal massacre, they find no evidence at the crime scene except for some of the victim's personal electronics, which include a video camera, a Flip-cam, and two cellphones. With nothing else to go on, a troubled detective must analyze and piece together the footage from the personal electronics in order to figure out what the hell happened and who the killer is. **JUST SIGNED BY JAKE WAGNER AT FILMENGINE & DAVID BOXERBAUM AT APA AND SOLD TO BOLD FILMS!!**

FERAL - by Wil T. Denson. Ray doesn't know his last name or when he was born. But in an uncharted place beyond psychotic, Ray knows killing. McCone County Sheriff Aiden Blain must stop him, if his small-town New Mexico crime skills are up to the task. **JUST SIGNED BY THE BOHRMAN AGENCY**

IN FROM THE COLD - by Michael Cassidy & Beatrice Owens Allen. Set in the 1950′s Midwest, America's first black Treasury agents go undercover to break powerful African-American rackets and underground casinos. **JUST SIGNED BY JAIRO ALVARADO AT 3ARTS ENTERTAINMENT**


RAGE - by Matias Caruso. After an office building is quarantined because of a rage-enhancing virus, an infected employee sets out for the top floor to exact revenge on the boss who fired him and murdered his friend co-worker. But first he has to fight through fifty floors of the boss' infected minions. **JUST SIGNED BY JOSH ADLER & MIKE GOLDBERG AT ROAR**

THERE GOES THE BRIDE - by Adam Farhi. Adventure/Comedy. When his new wife vanishes on their tropical honeymoon, an anxious groom is joined by his two inept buddies to outwit the kidnappers and rescue her. Matt Stuecken attached to produce but looking to partner. Contact: adamfarhi(at)yahoo.com

ROSCOE - by Gianpaolo Santarelli. A washed up '80s TV action star attempts to rehabilitate his image by moving to the suburbs with his estranged teenage son. Contact: gsantarelli(at)hotmail.com

RIGGED - by Scott Hawthorne. When a vengeful prison staffer decides to kill everyone in the facility by rigging it with bombs and traps, a corrections officer must get the help from the prison's most dangerous inmate – an explosives expert who's known to blow up anyone he disagrees with. **JUST SIGNED BY ALAN GASMER & FRIENDS**

RISE - by Alex Cramer. Recently released from prison, a talented, young South Boston boxer must overcome his troubled past to become a top contender. Contact: Ashley Berns (Circle of Confusion)


Dave Seropian


FERAL by Wil T. Denson