2009 Contest Winners

Our industry panel gathered last night at SimonLA restaurant to discuss the three finalists and pick an overall winner (see a few pics below!)... and scroll down further for the winner!


ALREADY TOMORROW (please see below for logline, writer, and new rep info)


THE PUPIL - A contained thriller about a young teacher who struggles to escape her obsessed student when he traps her inside their high school. Written by: Kristy Lowrey & Tony Robenalt. (JUST SIGNED BY KEN FREIMANN AT CIRCLE OF CONFUSION) [email protected]

ALREADY TOMORROW - A neo-noir thriller on the streets of L.A. as a former cop turned "fixer" has until sunrise to avenge his mother's murder, even as a local crime boss and corrupt elements in the LAPD conspire to take him out. Written by: Joe Johnson (JUST SIGNED BY ADAM MARSHALL AT ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT) [email protected]

KILLING JOHN STAMOS - After his life hits rock bottom professionally, personally, and financially, Chris Lilli sets out to make sure he wins his own high stakes celebrity death pool. How? By killing John Stamos. Written by: Peter Hoare (JUST SIGNED BY ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT!)


STALKING IS A CONTACT SPORT - Nearly ten years after their high school break-up, Eugene Flanks decides he should go to great lengths to win back the love of his life, his high school girlfriend. Written by: Peter Hoare & Chris Lilli (JUST SIGNED BY ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT! **WINNER OF THE ABSTRACT PRIZE!**)

FREE PASS - A young chef and his girlfriend playfully grant each other a "free pass" to hook up with their superstar crushes. But when the guy is hired as a personal chef to his superstar crush, reality proves far more complicated than his "free pass" fantasies. Written by: Nancy Joseph (JUST SIGNED BY THE BOHRMAN AGENCY)

THE NEST - On an isolated farm, an engineer and his family accidentally destroy an egg belonging to a pair of alien creatures who emit electromagnetic pulse-like charges. Now trapped inside the farmhouse with little technology, the family must find a way to escape the relentless creatures. Written by: Laura Reyna [email protected]

INKED - Their memories wipes, their identities gone, two psychopaths fall in love during a kill-or-be-killed program that can only have one winner. Written by: Jim Yang Represented by: Brian Spink

SPEAK TO ME IN POETRY - A man cursed to speak only in rhyme finds our modern world a difficult place for a wandering poet. Written by: Matt Wilson (JUST SIGNED BY ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT!)