2008 Contest Winners

As black and white images of old Hollywood flickered on the wall at Cinespace Hollywood, new Hollywood met to judge our screenplay contest. If you've seen Jon Favreau's Dinner With Five — this was better. Wine flowed, spinach dip disappeared, and the debate was lively… As I listened, I realized how lucky this contest and its entrants are to have such a great industry group to support us. They volunteered their time for the aspiring writer… and, I'm guessing, for themselves… Because at one point, they were just starting out too… a crazy dream… that doesn't seem so crazy now. Thanks again to all of our amazing judges. Read to the bottom for our overall winner, finalists, and honorable mentions.




THE MASK OF MANOLO. Dramedy. In the wake of his Mother's suicide a young man falls into a delusional world where he masquerades as a quixotic super-hero. Written by: Alveraz Ricardez [email protected] (SIGNED WITH THE BOHRMAN AGENCY!)

PARASITE. Thriller. When the crew of an underwater research station discovers a new parasite that turns its host homicidal they have to defend themselves against the surrounding sea life and their infected crew mates in order to stay alive. Written by: Ehud Lavski [email protected] (SIGNED WITH ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT!)

JUAREZ. Action. After leading a raid that results in a the largest cash seizure in drug enforcement history, the last honest cop in a crime-ridden border town struggles to get the cash to safety, battling warring drug cartels and corrupt cops who will stop at nothing to get the money for themselves. Written by: Scott Keiner [email protected]


HEART. Drama. When a Vietnam vet finds out he's dying and can't get on a donor list, he tracks down the man whose life he saved in Nam and demands that the debt be repaid: He wants the man's heart. By: Chris & Jason Thornton - [email protected] (SIGNED WITH MIKE ESOLA AT WME ENTERTAINMENT!)

THE TO-DO-LIST. Comedy. An unhappy thirty-year old insurance salesman discovers a notebook of goals from his youth he never accomplished, and decides to finally complete the list. THE BUCKET LIST for a younger generation. By: Matthew Kaplan & Jason Leinwand - [email protected] (ORIGINALLY SIGNED BY KAPLAN/PERRONE! UPDATE — NOW WORKING WITH PROLIFIC ENTERTAINMENT & WME!)

MEN'S ROOM. Comedy. A hung-over office worker hides a secret and vows not to leave the Men's Room after being ordered to the boss's office as soon as he gets out of the bathroom. By: Thomas E. Charles [email protected]

MICHAEL'S REQUITAL. Action-thriller. A deeply troubled former Russian operative now working as a money for hire hit man infiltrates the dangerous international crime world to take on those responsible for kidnapping his estranged sister. By: Yvette Bou - [email protected]

I.D. Action-thriller. It's Enemy of the State meets Disturbia when a young identity thief gets mistaken for his latest victim; an illusive computer hacker being chased by both the CIA and a group of mysterious mercenaries intent on killing him. Using his unique skill set, the young thief must stay alive long enough to prove his innocence and uncover the true identity of the wanted criminal. By: John Swetnam & Darren Whisker [email protected] or [email protected] (SIGNED WITH ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT!)