2007 Contest Winners


SPACIOUS SKIES by Tamas Harangi


DETOUR DE FRANCE - A thirty-seven year old loser paper boy struggles to win the Tour De France after making a wrong turn that sets him off on a Forrest Gump-like European adventure. Writer: Phil Berger. Contact: [email protected] (SIGNED WITH THE BOHRMAN AGENCY!)

KADOGO (aka KASSIM THE DREAM) - The true story of an African child soldier who defected to the US and became a world boxing champion. Writer: David Harris Kline. Contact: [email protected]

SPACIOUS SKIES - A former Kosovo soldier, now illegal alien working for the Russian mob in order to get his Green Card, falls in love with his final hit. Writer: Tamas Harangi. Contact: [email protected]


JAILBAIT - Two sexually-frustrated best friends start dating female prison inmates in hopes of hassle-free relationships complete with conjugal visits, but things become more complicated than they first expected. Written by: Mike Alber & Gabriel M. Snyder. Contact: gmurraysnyder(at)yahoo(dot)com (SCRIPT OPTIONED TO SOBINI FILMS, SIGNED WITH ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT & APA!)

IN THIS LAND OF GILEAD - In post-apocalyptic America, a female survivor/doctor must shepherd two orphans to safety through a brutal, tribal landscape. Written by: Elana Frink. Contact: elanafrink(at)gmail(dot)com (SIGNED WITH THE SHUMAN COMPANY & ICM!)

THE RETRIBUTION OF MANNY WALKER - A young female FBI agent attempts to track down a mysterious vigilante targeting known pedophiles. Written by: Christian Wisecarver & Christopher Dorff. Contact: josh(at)AbstractLA(dot)com (SIGNED WITH ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT!)

COUPLES - A dark, character-driven comedy about three married couples and the fallout which results from the pursuit of their sexual fantasies. Written by: Ed Ruggiero. Contact: edruggi(at)comcast(dot)net

DOYLESTOWN - Inspired by a true story. A sexy South Philly showgirl plays puppetmaster to a group of Irish thugs in order to pull off the biggest cash heist in the history of Pennsylvania. Written by: Joe Nienalt. Contact: joe9alt(at)yahoo(dot)com (SIGNED WITH UTA & ALAN GASMER!)