We are excited to announce the finalists, honorable mentions, and overall winner of this year's trackingb feature script contest!


10G — by Michael Thai. In a future where a person's experiences are digitized and uploaded wirelessly to the cloud, a reclusive homicide detective has the unenviable job of "re-living" the final moments of his murder victims. When young, prominent women begin to die, he must track the clues linking their deaths before the murderer strikes again. (JUST SIGNED BY JEFF PORTNOY/ BELLEVUE PRODUCTIONS)

MISUNDERESTIMATED — by David Mulholland.  Tongue-in-cheek political drama. In 1987, George W. Bush was an oil man in Midland, Texas. It was also the year he found Jesus, gave up drinking, turned 40, sold his oil company, entered politics, and earned the respect of the one person he struggled his whole life to receive it from--his own father. (JUST SIGNED BY ADAM MARSHALL & SAM GREY / MANAGEMENT 360)

BLUE DEATH — by Pamela Kay. After his son goes missing as an addict of a new deadly synthetic drug, a small-town cop chases down its source, only to find a spreading outbreak of disfiguring death that turns out to be no accident. (contact: pklosangeles(at)yahoo.com)



RED SHIFT — by Jeff Smith. An aging freighter pilot with a violent past is forced into a suicide mission when his starship is hijacked by a fourteen-year-old girl. (contact: Tony Zequeira — tony(at)super-visionent.com)

KILLER APP V2.0 — by Joseph Ferrante. Smiley Face, a digital grim reaper, forces a group of high school kids to fight to survive a social media popularity game where they must vote for each other's death in order to survive. (contact: ferrante.joseph(at)gmail.com)

GATED COMMUNITY — by Jim Soscie. An FBI agent and his family are placed in Witness Protection and re-located to a quiet gated community in the middle of nowhere, but he soon discovers their new neighbors know his identity and the $10m bounty on his head has them motivated to kill him. (contact: soscie(at)me.com)

REVOLUTIONARY SUICIDE — by Kacem Khalife. Following the life of Huey P. Newton, radical co-founder of the Black Panther Party, as he organizes and defends his community against police brutality, sparking a nationwide movement and attracting the attention of the FBI. (SIGNED BY OCTAGON ENTERTAINMENT!)

MADE IN AMERICA — by Eric Gross. The rise and fall of an American clothing company and its unorthodox leader. Initially founded upon the principles of immigration reform, US-based manufacturing, and ethical labor practices, American Apparel suffered an unceremonious fall after a series of legal and PR disasters. These scandals transformed the image of the company's charismatic founder from a lauded and progressive entrepreneur into a reviled pervert who exploited both his workforce and the women featured in his controversial ads. (contact: Jib Polhemus — jib(at)source-artist-management.com)

And our OVERALL WINNER chosen by our panel of industry judges is..........


Congrats to all!!  And thank you again to all entrants and industry judges...